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( Dec. 24th, 2010 01:22 pm)
So. I just got back from The House of the Purple Cats. There were only two of them because their humans decided to take one of the purple cats with them to the cape. So I am left with one purple cat and one orangey brown cat. Anyway....I had just finished composing a silly little song to the small purple cat that goes like this:

You're so cute and pretty
but you knew that already
because you're a cat
and cats are quite good
at that sort of thing

And because I am a huge dork and because the acoustics in that house are kind of awesome I was singing this ridiculous song over and over again and then--the small purple cat in question regurgitated all her food onto the kitchen floor. But then she proceeded to eat it again so at least I didn't have to clean up much mess. And she was all "Hey, did you see that? I got to eat lunch twice! Twice as much fun! Go me!" Good thing she's so cute and pretty.

So...that's my rather hilarious-disgusting day so far.


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