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( Jan. 21st, 2011 06:41 am)
Have I mentioned how much I love snow? Snow snow snow snow snow! Um. I am also about six years old, so...*shrug* It's so pretty, and everyone is all "snow emergency! help, run for someplace where there's less snow!" Hell, the bookstore where my housemate works is opening late today. Wacky. Whatever. I should probably get dressed & walk to the train station instead of sitting here watching the snow fall through the light from the streetlamp. So pretty.
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( Dec. 21st, 2010 08:21 am)
Almond milk is pretty excellent in coffee. Especially as I am trying to avoid milk on a account of a tiny head cold. I'm gonna see if I can maybe make it a bonsai type head cold. Very small, in a pretty ceramic pot with small pebbles, maybe some moss...

Perhaps I am a bit odd today. More odd than usual even.

It snowed yesterday! I wrote a poem thing on Twitter:

Walking along the bike path last night
a man smoked a clove cigarette as the snow fell.
It was wonderful. True winter has arrived in white.

Needs work, yeah?

Stuck at the reception desk until The Horrible D gets here. Snow makes everyone late but me. I am really fond of snow. It crunches under foot and softens the edges of things and it's just lovely and cold and...*does the chair dance of enthusiasm*

The Charles is patchy white and grey-- white where there is enough ice for the snow to cling to, grey where it hasn't frozen over yet.

Yesterday at work my coworker PJ was carrying a bagel on a plate and had a plastic knife in his mouth:

me: "That's not a good thing to carry in your mouth."
PJ: "Well, I couldn't find my ice pick."


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