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( Nov. 9th, 2015 06:01 pm)
Well fuck. My mom's oldest sister R, who hasn't spoken to her in decades for unknown reasons, is dying. And has been very sick since June but my mom's cousin E didn't tell her anything until just now. Which is pretty fucked up. I mean my mom is greatful that R had someone to visit her in the hospital but...My mom is pretty upset and we were talking on the phone & and she was like "I never expected any reconciliation but I did expect her to live into her 90s so could hate me for longer." :( my poor mommy. Ugh.

She also said "Even if you hate someone, keep talking to them."

I love my mom a lot you guys I hate that she feels like there's something wrong with her bc people leave her out of the loop & stop talking to her for decades without telling her why...


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