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( May. 28th, 2011 06:38 pm)
I was really tired so instead of going to the studio I took a three hour nap and had a really odd dream...

In this dream I was busy doing things, but at one point I was aware there was a strange party taking place in the street outside my window (not actually my window), and then I was about to go to bed but decided to go outside to investigate instead.

The street outside was filled with people and they were all wearing the same thing, drinking the same drink, and having a pretty good time.

They all wore black robes and black platform shoes. Everyone towered over me, but it wasn't ominous, just intriguing. The party was centered around one house in particular, so I went to the door of that house and knocked. The door opened and a man that I recognized as someone my mother knew stood behind it. He asked how long I intended to stay at the party and I said oh, under an hour (because I was tired) and he let me in. I remember wondering if he was going to ask me my shoe size, robe size etc. Then I was sitting at the bar and the bartender was someone I knew and she was mixing me the drink that everyone else was drinking. I'm not sure if I was wearing the costume everyone else was but I think I must have been. I remember having a conversation with the bartender. She remarked that the man who had let me in to the party had used one if his personal "invites" to allow me to attend the party, and I explained that he must have gone to school with my mother. It was all very mysterious but fun, lighthearted and weird. No one explained why they were wearing the same costume or drinking the same drink and I wasn't terribly interested in the answer.

And then I woke up.
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( Apr. 24th, 2010 07:02 pm)
Did I mention that last Sunday morning I awoke from a dream where I had found an entire fridge-shaped large upright freezer filled with frozen expired milk from like...2007? And I was so confused, because a) I wasn't really at my place of employment (I found the fridge in a basement I think), but even if I was, I have only worked there for a little over a year so all the expired frozen milk could not possibly be my fault. There was some of the milk that was not as frozen and it was pretty gross, but mostly it was just...lots of frozen plastic half gallon bottles of fat free and 2% milk from three years ago. (Strangely, there was no half & half in the freezer.)

My anxiety dreams are hilarious, you guys.


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