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( Jul. 13th, 2011 01:12 pm)
1) Last night when I came home from tai chi I had two freezer-burned waffles for dinner and then I turned on the AC in my room and folded all the socks. It had been perhaps a year since I had actually folded my socks all at once and so a great many of them languished in misery, separated from their mates. So...two hours of meditative sock folding. (It freed up a large laundry baskets and ensured that the actual sock basket was put in it's proper place. That's sort of like cleaning my room, right? Baby steps.)

I also found the missing fan and placed it on top of the cabinet above the oven. Air flow! Yay!

2) I have seen the light, and now truly realize that men's pants are far superior to women's. They have real, functional pockets instead of theoretical, useless pockets! I am wearing a pair of men's Wrangler cargo pants and let me tell you--there are a lot of pockets!!! So many pockets that I tend to misplace things, but that's because I am a flake cadet.

Where are my keys?
Where is my really rather dim phone?
Where is my little black notebook?
Where is my spoon?
Where is my Box Killer?

Wearing cargo pants is a bit like being surrounded by a purse, actually. So it makes sense that I can't find things.

3) Lunch today: olive bread torn off in chunks, roasted nut trail mix thingy (which I am eating at the reception desk*), a small bit of maple cotton candy. Maple cotton candy is awesome, you guys.

*I hates sitting at the reception desk. Hates it.


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