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( Aug. 27th, 2011 09:47 pm)
So...today I went to tai chi and came home and after some running up and down stairs, helped my landlady remove the rotting wooden window boxes from our porch, to prevent said nasty rotting things from being turned into hurricane shrapnel. (She thought the window boxes were ours, but they were there before J moved in and he was here a year before I was so...those are some old window boxes.) But they are gone now! We shoved them into a trash bin! Huzzah!

Um. After that instead of going to the studio I took a nap. I think I got 3 hours in before my wonderful amazing landlady called to say the T was going to be shut down Sunday and did I want a ride so I could feed [livejournal.com profile] twitch124's cat? Because I had mentioned that I was cat sitting when we were moving inconvenient pieces of rotting wood.

So I got a ride to Central Sq and fed the cat and my landlady is the best ever.

So...in prep for H. Irene we have:

closed most windows
filled pitchers with water
located my menorah & candles
found flashlights & batteries
charged some things
taken everything in off the porch (this was mostly pots with dead plants in)

Not much else? I got lots of fresh veg at the Copley Sq farmer's market yesterday. We have 1 egg left. A little milk. Some cheese. Yogurt. We have lots of pasta and some canned goods and some oatmeal and cookies and tea and I got a few useful things at Trader's Joe's the other day. Apparently we are on the "wind" side of Irene which...means we'll get a lot of wind! The tree near the house has been pruned lately and belongs to the city of Somerville, so if it falls they have to deal with it. Hopefully it will remain standing and retain all of it's limbs. I think we'll be okay. I have offered to help my amazing landlady with the sump pump should it be required, but if we lose power it won't work so...

I am a little weirded out that the MBTA shut itself down, to be honest. They say it is for our safety and so they can make sure they are a functioning transportation system come Monday... (No jokes! The T functions just fine. Mostly.) So...that all makes sense.

I am sending all sorts of anti-flood and anti-falling-tree vibes to all the folks that Irene has to blow past to get to us here in Boston. *hugs everyone*


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