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( Apr. 19th, 2009 03:02 pm)
I just found a bunch of the rocks I had collected in high school and college. My parents had taken them up to Vermont and kind of dumped them outside where the gutter water falls down from he roof and I think at the time I said they could do that but now I'm mildly annoyed because I just spent a while finding the really good ones in amongst the gravel. But it was also kind of fun. Whatever. I really have some very awesome rocks, you guys. And the really funny thing is that I can remember where I found most of them.

Also, in case you needed really wrong-but-awesome kids names:


Parents give their kids all sorts of traumatizing names. I think the names of elements, minerals, and rocks need to be more commonly used for people names. I mean, sure there's Ruby and all but please be more creative, folks!


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