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( Apr. 4th, 2010 09:05 am)
Dear Weather Distribution Center:

OMG 75 today and 83 on Wednesday? I guess we never really do get spring here. Sometimes I forget that. Come to think of it, we got April in March (what with the Big Rain) and so...does that mean March got lost in the mail? Did we skip May? Are we in June already? Just please god don't make it cold as fuck this summer, okay? Last summer was horrible and if it happens again I will cry.


the farwing, who got no sleep because she's a total nitwit and also needs to put up curtains to keep out the light now that it's, you know, light out.

Also: I totally need to get, like, pruning shears so that I can prune the tree branches that are growing into my window. I mean, it's a really cute tree, and the branches are skinny but...growing into my window is a slight problem. I suppose I should ask S first, as it is her tree and all.

Also also: my new vintage Fluevog angels are so much narrower than my "current" angles. It is amazing: people actually used to make shoes narrow enough for my feet. I have yet another thing to add to my list of Frivolous Uses For Time Travel: buy shoes. (I will take a picture so you guys can see how narrow these shoes are in comparison. So crazy.)

I am planning to wear the new vintage boots next Friday because I will be stopping by the Fluevog store and I want to show them off. Plus, I will then gaze lovingly at my gold layaway angels. (I swear I didn't used to have such a shoe problem.)

And just because I'm thinking of it, a list of Things It Would Be Good To Have:

a whisk
pruning shears
a smaller, finer sieve
a set of tiny screw drivers like the folks in IT have-- my screw driver lust is unhealthy, I know
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( Mar. 2nd, 2010 10:07 am)
To do list:

1. Eat more food more often--don't let the internet distract me from breakfast/lunch/dinner. (Today I had breakfast, and lunch, and there were witnesses to me having dinner tonight. I should probably try snacking again. I might be one of the worst grownups ever.)

2. Do check my nice Moleskine calendar more frequently. If I write things down in it and then don't look at it again for two weeks, I will get disappointed phone calls from my shrink.

3. Clean my room, no matter how charming Hilarious British Housemate thinks it is. He said that he liked my mess better than his mess because my mess looked more lived in. *weeps* Honey, I've lived here for five years. My mess has had a lot of time to practice.

4. Go to bed.

In unrelated news: Tom McRae is still made of magic. Plus, his new album is really excellent. I'm particularly fond of "Won't Lie", but I'm feeling a bit bloodthirsty. There are so many other really wonderful songs. If only I didn't have to fly to the UK to see him live....grrr. So...you should all go out and buy The Alphabet of Hurricanes however you can.
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 12:26 pm)
List of foods I sometimes forget are really amazing:

sweet potato, mashed: so bright orange and sweet and *flails*

pretzels: so much better than even the very best potato chip!

List of foods that I never forget are really amazing:

yogurt: yummy & makes my tummy feel better when nothing else works

kefir: so conveniently drinkable, also see above

dark-chocolate-covered molasses chips: best combo of sweet and salty invented so far

baby pumpkin with garlic and sugar sauce: so incredibly yummy

Obviously this is just all I can think of right now. More later?


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