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( May. 22nd, 2009 02:41 pm)
1.) It amuses me that when people meet me in real life and then read my livejournal or read my journal and then meet me they tend to say things like: "You are exactly the same as your journal!"

Which I choose to take as a compliment. Also, it's further proof that I don't actually have much in the way of filters.

(I think it's just that I tend to feel that lj is sort of like talking to a whole bunch of people all at once so my writing style is me just talking through the keyboard. Um.)

2) I went to see Star Trek with [profile] mobledqueen last night and it was awesome because about halfway through she just started laughing at everything and so even though I am the kind of wimp who still gets scared during the chase scene in a movie she has seen multiple times I was unable to be scared. Because I was laughing at mobledqueen laughing. We probably made everyone else in the theatre hate us.

3) It was way too hot to be going on long walks for lunch but I did so anyway. KB (awesome intern from 5th floor) and I hiked over to Whole Foods and hiked back, bitching about the sunshine all the while. But! I did have a really yummy brown rice salmon avocado roll for lunch so it was worth it.

4) *tumbleweeds* So incredibly deserted here. I think I'll go be the Office Supply Faerie now. *sprinkles paper clips and thumb tacks*


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