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([personal profile] farwing May. 14th, 2015 11:36 am)
So. Yesterday I had a customer come in, buy lunch & then talk my ear off about her health problems. All fine & good I've been known to talk the ears off strangers so I'm really ok with listening to other people. The lady was dressed like she'd come from PT which she had -- leggings, a sweatshirt etc. looked comfy. Then in comes this woman in her 60s very thin, very rich. And while the lady I'd been talking with got up to get a soda from the drink cooler about 5 feet away this rich lady says to me:

"Oh, her. She's always asking people for money. She makes you feel sorry for her & then she follows you around. She's been banned from several stores downtown."

And I as like: "She's right there. Behind you."

Horrible rich lady: "I know. But I needed to tell you. She steals things."

And I wanted to say: even if this is the case, why are you telling me this in this way? I am so very uncomfortable right now and of the two of you I'd like to kick you out more. But I thanked her for telling me.

But seriously-- the first woman could be some sort of con artist or shoplifter but a) she bought her lunch & was fine with me & I will keep my eyes open etc but b) the super nasty lady made me want to punch her in her mean pinched face. Like, why do people do this? If you need to tell me something like that don't do it when the person in question is standing behind you! It's rude & horrible & it made me want to sink through the floor.

And then I stayed late to help my boss S with a thing & we had to drop her dogs off at a dog sitter before she gave me a ride home & the dog sitter's dog bit one of S's dogs! So I got to hold a bloody towel to the back of the dog's neck while S drove us to the animal hospital & the dog is fine but I had to wash dog blood off my hand. Which is not that horrible in the grand scheme of things but not a thing I want to do again.

And then when I got home I was sitting in my living room in the dark with my shoes off wondering how my feet could possibly smell that bad...but when I turned on the light I saw the 3 bags of hockey equipment including goalie gear so that was pretty funny. It's true though goalie gear smells So. Much. Worse. than normal player gear it's amazing.

But what the hell was yesterday even trying to do?

And today they are finishing replacing our living room windows so I have fled to the wilds of downtown Boston to kill time before having lunch at Picco with Ms Corrupt & her dad who is in town very briefly & is an entertaining human. And it is super lovely out so I'm in a pretty good mood. :)


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